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Connie J Kolman ckolman at
Tue Sep 26 14:26:18 EDT 2000

Could you please post the following announcement on graduate school 
opportunities?  Thank you.

Excellent graduate school training opportunities are available for students 
interested in BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY in the Department of Anthropology at 
the University of Florida (  Biological anthropology at 
UF is a rapidly growing and dynamic field with new emphases in 
biomechanics, forensics, and molecular anthropology. Faculty research 
interests include primate behavior, ecology, social evolution, and 
communication (S. Boinski), primate anatomy and evolution, biomechanics, 
and morphometrics (D. Daegling), forensic anthropology, human variation, 
multivariate methods and techniques, and human biomechanics (A. Falsetti), 
human genetic variation, genetics of complex diseases, New World/Asia 
colonization, ancient DNA (C. Kolman), women's health, diabetes 
epidemiology, human growth and development (L. Lieberman), and forensics, 
osteology, human anatomy, human identification and trauma, and fetal growth 
and development (M. Warren). Interested students are encouraged to contact 
faculty members prior to the application deadline in order to help identify 
potential advisors.  Applications should be directed to:

Graduate Program in Anthropology
Connie J. Kolman
Assistant Professor, Dept of Anthropology
1112 Turlington Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7305
Phone: 352-392-3619
Fax:  352-392-6929

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