Career Concerns: Important

Wienker, Curtis Cwienker at
Mon Sep 25 13:22:13 EDT 2000

Next year's Career Development Committee Workshop at the AAPA meeting will
focus on the concerns of students preparing to enter the physical
anthropology profession.  We will provide a panel of experts from a
variety of subdisciplines and career arenas.  The panel will address
student concerns that have been submitted in advance, and there will be a
period for open discussion.

To make this workshop a success, we need to know your concerns.  The source
of the expressed concerns will remain anonymous; all the
panelists will be given is the concern itself. Please tell us what's on your
mind, what information you would like, to be able to best prepare yourself
for your future.  Do you wish you knew more about the hiring process?  How
about the tenure system?  What can you do today to make yourself a more
attractive hire in the future?  This is the second call for
questions/concerns, so don't limit yourself, ask away!

Your responses will be combined with those from other students and
panelists' responses to them will be provided at next year's workshop in
Kansas City.  We are hoping for an extremely enjoyable and informative
panel discussion.  That will be a direct function of your thoughtful input.
Of course there will be the opportunity for discussion from the floor, but
we need some thoughtful concerns from the concerned to get the ball rolling.

Please do not send your concerns as a reply to this message.  Rather,
send them directly to Heather Edgar at edgar.25 at


Curtis W. Wienker; Ph.D.
Chair, AAPA Career Development Committee
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL  33620
(813) 974-4051

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